Who we are

Provalor is an independent M&A boutique focusing in facilitating Investments in & Divestures out of  small & medium size Family owned companies, operating in Spain.

Our members belong to most respected professional associations:

We operate in  Madrid and in other areas of  Spain. We can also take engagements in  other countries of Europe and in  the U.S.A., through our network of associates and colleagues. 

Our Team

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Our Services

We provide services  as initiators, advisors  and negotiators in corporate deals involving Family owned businesses, including:

  • Acquisitions,
  • Mergers,
  • Growth Capital, Recapitalizations, Substitution of Shareholders.
  • Sale of Assets/Stock.

We also provide supporting services for those deals, both within the engagement for the deal making and as separate, preparatory services:

  • Valuations,
  • Business Plans.
  • Exit Plans
  • "Due Diligence"
  • Restructurings



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Our Customers


We address to the needs of family businesses Owners, who are looking for outside Investors to help them either to grow their  Co's. or to  exit out of them.

Equally, we help these types of clients:

  • Professional Managers
  • Entrepreneurs and
  • Institutional Investors (PGE's)

who are interested in buying, developing, merging, restructuring or selling small and medium size Family businesses.

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Our Portfolio

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